Charles Einstein: Star Ledger

Review of “Glued To The Tube”

“DeHart sports a horse-choking list of credits that belies his boyish looks. What belies them

even further is his refusal to work only from the neck up. Instead, DeHart’s impressions-

Jack Benny, Robin Williams, Richard Nixon, involve body language, sometimes broad,

sometimes subtle, but invariably on the mark.”

James Clark: At The Shore, The Press of Atlantic City

Review of “Glued To The Tube”

“DeHart’s Johnny Carson is so smooth it makes one pine for the days when the reserved

Nebraskan ruled the late-night airwaves.”

Sandy Posnak: Whoot (Atlantic City)

Review of “Glued To The Tube”

“Jeff emulated Carson’s mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and voice to perfection.”

Helen & John Blaker: Juniata News

Review of “New York, New York”

“The star of this whirlwind romp is sidesplitting celebrity, the master of impressions, Jeff DeHart,

with his Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Carson, Paul Lynde, Jimmy Cagney etc.

who magically transforms almost every scene into one of his characters.”

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